About our leashes

My leashes are both the heart and foundation of this web shop, and I am very proud that so many dog owners have my leash as absolute favourite.

The very first leashes I made just for myself and the leashes you find in this shop today are a somewhat refined version of those first leashes. But the principal is exactly the same; an all-in-one ropeleash with a semichoke collar.

My leash has all the advantages of the classic ropeleash; it is easy to take on and off, it has not heavy hooks or chains, it is lightweight and easy to put in your pocket or hang around the back of your neck when your dog is running off-leash.

After selling a few leashes to friends the demand for my leashes grew quickly. So here we are now - my simple and practical leashes have their own simple and practical webshop.


A few tips before placing your order

Once you have found your favourite collar you have to chose size from the dropdown menu. The size states the measure of the collar at its smallest. So by measuring your dog's neck with a normal measuring table will give you a good idea of what size will fit your dog.

I standardutförande är alla koppel 180 cm långa. Om du vill ha ett längre eller kortare koppel, eller om du vill ha en exakt omkrets på halsbandsdelen, väljer du ”egen storlek” och skriver sedan i önskad omkrets och/eller längd när du kommer till kassan.