Panagenics Texture Crystals

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Panagenics Texture Crystals förstärker pälsens genetiska egenskaper, oavsett ras och pälstyp. Produkten kan bland annat användas för att ge pälsen stadga eller glans eller för att förbättra strukturen i sträva pälsar.

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Texture Crystals are derived from a series of natural minerals. They are designed to replace elements that have been stripped out of the hair from products, poor nutrition and environment. Texture Crystals will return the hair to its correct genetic state as opposed to artificial enhancement like hairspray, styling aids and other products. Only Panagenics™ Texture Crystals will not harm the coat or skin and will not need to be washed out of the coat. They are designed to fall out of the coat in 6 to 8 hours after proper application. You will be amazed on the finishing touches this product and will provide you superior appearance, manageability, and feel of the perfect coat for any and all breeds. For example if applied to a Wire Fox Terrier the coat will feel stiff and very hard to the touch. If applied to a Havanese or Powder Puff the results will not be the same as a wired coat. The last two breeds do not possess the genetic qualities of a heavy textured coat. You will see better depth of color, shine, and more manageability. The benefit on a Poodle or Bichon style will be stronger hair with more body for creating plush, full coats to easily scissor. Texture Crystals are so fine they will not harm shears.

This product improves the look and texture of any coat type.

Panagenics Texture Crystals can also be used as a scissoring aid, as the crystals are so fine they will not damage any shears.

Enhance texture on wire coats
Increase volume as needed
Stripping powder
Ear powder
Add shine
Styling powder
Use on all breeds
Enhance the genetic characteristics of any breed

Apply generously onto any colour hair with the Panagenics™ Texture Crystal Brush
After application the crystals must be activated with a boar brush or boar-nylon brush depending on coat type. Excess crystal can be removed with a light blow of a hairdryer.


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