Panagenics Illumination Shampoo

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Panagenics Illumination is our clarifying shampoo, that will bring a dirty and ”tired” coat back to zero.

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Panagenics Illumination is a clarifying shampoo to be used when the coats needs to be ”zeroed”.

The shampoo will remove all remains of old coat products, dirt and debris as well as mineral deposit from tap water. It will also aid in dissolving stains from saliva and urine.

If you are starting your dogs on Panagenics we recommend that you use Illumination as your first step. You will remove remnants of old coat care products and you will see the amazing results of Panagenics quicker.
If you are already using Panagenics we recommend that you use Illumination approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.

1. Thoroughly wet the entire animal's coat.
2. Apply a generous amount of IILUMINATION™ shampoo starting at the tail and moving forward toward the head. As a general rule, 4oz will cover an animal up to 50 lbs. Above 50 lbs use 8oz. Thoroughly massage the shampoo over all areas of the animal, in particular the haunches and front leg pits. Exercise care not to get any shampoo in the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth of the animal.
3. Immediately rinse the animal thoroughly, no waiting time necessary. Rinse until the coat is squeaky clean.
4. Dry the animal by any preferred method.
5. When the coat is 100% dry you apply Panagenics Conditioner. If you are blow-drying a thick coat we recommend that you let the coat air-dry afterwards for a couple of hours before applying the conditioner.





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